Lonely Soprano

I’ve heard that melody before.
Don’t sing it again.
Those bars that trip over
and measures
with tempo beating out 9/2 time.
Shattered arpeggios
that roll on beautiful soprano.
Please, don’t sing it again.

A piano
that I didn’t see
and couldn’t stop
played a harmony I swam in once.
Just a drink of those chords
turned my day into sour milk
and my mind shattered mirrors
of emotion.
It wouldn’t stop playing.

It’s a tune hummed in loneliness,
lost by time,
forgotten in love,
strummed by despair,
trumpeted by rejection
sung on a soprano
that lulled me to sleep.

Heavy fog in drowning rain
rinse the orchestra
from my silent heart
and wash the soprano
out to sea.


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