Dear Jane

I could say a thousand things
in bitterness and pain
because I thought you were the one
and I would never love again.
I’ve become the man you wanted-
the one you saw inside.
The real me is surfacing,
refusing to run and hide.
I thought there was something
unbreakable between us.
I know now that distance
is my greatest enemy.
Did I fall in love
and give my heart and soul
to one more dead end street?
I look back and realize
that ONE WAY signs
dot poles
along this last
lonely stretch.
I pick a heart
from an all-too familiar
mud puddle.
I don’t bother cleaning
or repair
before returning it to my chest.
Why waste time?
This way the next one
that decides I would be nice to obliterate
won’t have to work
as hard
as you.