Kyle By Fire



Welcome to the blog home of Kyle By Fire.  I’ll be posting review feedback here.  If you want to contact me for an author interview or other related activity, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you.

Kyle’s extreme magic level lands him on the hitlist of an anti-magic organization which derails his junior year of high school. When the organization starts attacking his friends and family, Kyle must decide if his life is more important than theirs.

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“This story is an exciting, but an easy read, and captivates you to the very end. There are a lot of twists and turns and it leads to a cliffhanger that makes you wanting more! Kyle is a typical teenage boy who happens to use magic. His life is turned upside down because of it and now he has to fight for his life as well as those around him. The relationships in the story are believable and well written. I would definitely recommend this book for younger and older readers. I loved that the language was clean and appropriate to the intended audience (ages 9-18) but also for older readers (like me!). There is also lots on humor in the book that made me laugh. I am looking forward to reading the second book in the series.” -Karen

“This is an interesting story! Kyle is a typical teenager in an alternate history of earth where magic exists, but competes with science. People are still people, though. Kyle and his friends grow up considerably as they face challenges that rock their entire society. Kyle is an excellent role model for young and old readers alike. He’s funny and sincere and learns the hard way that his decisions affect others for good and bad. A great, clean book appropriate for young readers and still deep enough to keep adult readers up late eagerly turning pages.” – Meshemoo

“I started Kyle by Fire last night. I read 17 chapters (66%) of it. I finally had to force myself to put it down and go to sleep.” -Jared Barneck

“This was a good book (Kudos to Mark!) I am looking forward to reading the follow-up books in this series.”  – Terrie Harris

“I actually did enjoy this book (and not just because the author is my friend). The characters are believable and well developed, especially Kyle, James, and Jessica. They are in high school, and I like that they aren’t perfect. They make mistakes and don’t always do perfectly in school. They have problems with friends and family members, and yet, they are able to rise above their trials and do some great things. I like that Kyle looks for, and sees, the best in everyone. He doesn’t put boundaries on what people can achieve, even when everyone else around him does. I also like that Kyle is a problem-solver. He doesn’t wait around for someone else to solve his problems; he works hard, practices, and searches for answers. I also like that he doesn’t let his power go to his head. James and Jessica also have a lot of those same qualities, but they have their own talents and abilities as well. The story is creative and imaginative, with lots of action and surprises. There was a part that I thought was quite predictable, but he changed it, so that shouldn’t be an issue either. There is a little bit for everyone in this book: action, adventure, magic, romance, and suspense. I also love that this book is clean! Okay, there is a little bit of kissing, but that is it. There is no language or intimacy. There is some violence, and a few bad guys get really hurt, but it is not over-the-top or gory. I haven’t handed it over to my boys yet, but will shortly. I think they will really enjoy it. I liked it a lot and definitely recommend it, the middle graders will especially enjoy this book. ”    -Monica Hanks  Full Review

“An exciting adventure just right for the 10-15 age group, but even an interesting read for adults, Kyle By Fire introduces a new leading character that is NOT a look-alike for a certain famous wand-wielder. Although magic features prominently in this book, the story is one of a typical adolescent boy. Wholesome without being boring, Kyle discovers he is the target for a certain evil group of characters. The pages of this book are spiced with humor as Kyle works through the narrow escapes inherent in the plot, but human relationships are the mainstay of the story. The cliff-hanger ending will leave the reader clamoring for more.
The writing style is easily accessible to less-than-advanced readers, including vocabulary level. While girls will enjoy reading this book, it will be particularly attractive to boys.”  -Kathryn Minson


“I loved the magic and how it was believable. When everyone is writing another potter story I am glad this is unique. The world is much like ours in a very believable history. I really enjoyed the read and loved that it had clean language and was any age appropriate. I am a writer myself and love a good story, which this was.” – Kerri Hacking


“Kyle by Fire introduced original ideas about magic into the world and left plenty of room for best friends, high school challenges, sweethearts and family life. It’s a fast read, and exciting for kids as well as adults.
The story held me captive all the way to the cliffhanging end. What a great way to leave us thirsting for more! I can’t wait to jump into the rest of the series.” -Jaime Birchenough


“This is a very fast, easy read—easy to get into, easy to enjoy, easy to finish 🙂 It was well-written, and definitely worth the read! The book was recommended to me by a coworker when I complained I had no next-book picked out. I’m glad she suggested it. My only complaint is that the sequel hasn’t been released yet–so I’m stuck waiting to see what happens next in Kyle’s world. Very cute book with fun characters and an enjoyable storyline. I would recommend it to others. It’s also clean so it’s age-appropriate for a younger crowd, which is nice. You can pass this book off to pretty much anyone who would enjoy the story without worrying about content.
Good Read :)”  -Heather W.

“Imagine what it would be like if magic were a part of our world. Kyle lives in that world. He studies magic in his high school, and does a pretty decent job. But he’s not exactly well known or liked. He’s just your typical high school kid. But then his world is turned upside down. He finds himself with a girlfriend (and he has no idea what to do with that!). His magic isn’t what it seems, and that pulls him into a battle he didn’t even know existed, which puts him and everyone he knows in danger.There are a lot of fun twists and turns in Kyle by Fire. A great read for those who love worlds of magic and wonder what it would be like if we had just a bit of magic today.” -Regina Layton

“Awesome book! Great storyline. I loved it. Fun middle grade book. I would recommend this book to everyone. So excited for book 2.” – Sherry Taylor

“This was a really fun book to read. Kyle is a funny kid who reminds me a lot of teens that I knew – maybe even myself – so it’s easy to relate to him. Minson’s treatment of magic in the school system is a nice change: he has the magic ability intensify with study and emotion, as well as maturity and possibly even hormones. I like this blend as it feels much more natural and hence more believable.

“I haven’t started the second book yet but I really hope that it continues with Kyle’s story (at least somewhat) because I’d love to find out what happens with Jessica and Kyle’s friends. This is a great read for anyone who enjoys clean, entertaining fantasy.” – Amazon Customer


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