Nic of Time

Nic cover Version 1.9

“The final book in the Phoenix Cycle Series by Mark Minson is a race to the end.

I came into this series backwards, reading Nic of Time first and while I found I could figure out -most- of what was going on without trouble, the reading would have been helped a lot by having the background of the rest of the series. They’re on my list to go back to!

What I do love in Nic of Time is the development of the characters in such a short space. The relationships felt genuine and I wanted to see our heroes succeed and our villains fail and I was very satisfied by how we got to the end. I love seeing the characters make choices which are true to themselves, even when it comes at a terrible cost.

I’d recommend this series for middle YA and up. There’s a bit of violence and romance.”

-Jana Stocks Brown