Book Art for the Untalented

You know who you are. The writer who can craft amazing stories with words based on stick figure drawings of people. Yet, you want to give your reader more. They deserve to have a glimpse into the world you’ve created. That’s me, too.

The Phoenix Cycle Series takes place on Earth. Maps are not an incentive because Google Earth provides the same thing. But several scenes take place in homes. Sometimes it’s hard to create the exact picture of the layout of a home through words. I discovered this recently as I started editing Book 3 of the series. I had created and architecturally impossible home. It was awesome. So I logged into several free online floorplan creators and went to work. Books have been modified as I finally built homes that worked and mostly stayed true to the ones I saw in my head.

As a bonus for my readers, I’m going to post the floor plans to at least two important homes in the series. You can find them here and on Facebook (please zip on over and like my page as I post there more often).

First up: Kyle’s house.


This is the Novel Mage saying, *POOF*


About markminson

Mark Minson lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He enjoys playing games with his wife and five kids. He loves to sing and can often be found whistling as he walks. An avid shoe-wearer, you might run into him strolling down memory lane -- either his or somebody else’s. He brings humor to life through his many accents and movie quotes. He found his magic long ago, in a high school far, far away and now happily shares it with you. May you find your magic and share it with others.
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