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Re-telling the Same New Story

Is there a such a thing as a new conflict or story type? Talk to any English teacher and they will tell you that there isn’t. They’ve all been done before. So why on earth do we keep writing new … Continue reading

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Awesome contest for other awesome authors!

Yes, I’m shamelessly promoting the work of others. You know you love it. 🙂 Attention teachers, librarians, tweens, and parents of tweens! Announcing a contest just for you… The Emblazon authors are giving away a brand new touch screen Kindle … Continue reading

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Writing Like Junk Food on Veggies

National Novel Writing Month has come again! And per usual, I’m behind with a desperate hope of catching up and little confidence of meeting the 50,000 word mark. Hurray! The good news is that book two has 5400 more words … Continue reading

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Charity Reading (or Reading the Hungry)

“Because I have been given much, I too, must give.”  These are part of the lyrics to a song my church will be singing a lot this month.  It is a sentiment that I have decided to embrace. I have … Continue reading

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