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Many authors have told me that you should read what you write.  This makes sense because then you become more familiar with what is selling and interesting to the readers in your target audience.  You become a better judge of what works and what doesn’t.  But I’ve found a downfall: when I read I don’t write.  So I find out what sells and what works but never take the time to incorporate that into my own writing.  

What my next experiment is going to be is getting into a rhythm.  I have a lot I want to read, especially as I’ve picked up some books from authors local to me like Mikey Brooks, and Sherry Taylor and Andrea Pearson.  I’m excited to read these but I need to find the balance between reading and writing.  The up and down beat of improving my craft.  What your own rhythm will be is something you need to find out.  Probably through trial and error.  You live your life to your own beat.  Maybe it’s read one book, write 10 pages.  Maybe it’s write 50 pages, read half a book and write another 20 before you can finish said book.  But finding the rhythm is what will help you become a better writer.

Time to pull out the drums, electric guitar and start laying down a gnarly rhythm.

This is the Novel Mage saying, *POOF*


About markminson

Mark Minson lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He enjoys playing games with his wife and five kids. He loves to sing and can often be found whistling as he walks. An avid shoe-wearer, you might run into him strolling down memory lane -- either his or somebody else’s. He brings humor to life through his many accents and movie quotes. He found his magic long ago, in a high school far, far away and now happily shares it with you. May you find your magic and share it with others.
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