Writing what you feel

This is a writing blog. It is my journey in the world of writing, in pursuit of my novels, perhaps finding my poet’s voice again. However, this last weekend something happened that made me realize that I needed to write what I felt. Facebook is a limited flash-in-the-pan location for something of profound depth and meaning. It is for status updates and minor announcements. It cannot comprehend the well of emotion filling inside me. So often in writing you will hear the words, “Write what you know” because your experience will come across in your writing. Your knowledge colors the details and enhances the entire telling of the story.

Today though, I’m tell you to write what you feel. There is a cute movie called “Ramen Girl” in which the student ramen maker is told to pour her sorrow into her ramen. The effect is that others feel of her sorrow as they eat her ramen. I’m telling you to pour your sorrow, happiness, anger, worry, fear into your writing. Dump it in buckets, drip it through a straw but get it in there. The more readers feel, the more they will connect with your characters. The more they will love your story. And now, I am going to pour out my sorrow here as I have no other place to do it, and I hope you will forgive this digression. Most of you will not understand, but my soul cannot be contained. I mean no offense so feel free to stop reading if you are not religious.

This last weekend my church held it’s General Conference. Yes, I am a Mormon. I try to live my life in accordance with the doctrines of Christ revealed both anciently and in modern times. In most cases that doctrine is the same but as different as the world is today, so must the gospel shed light on new dangers and to address new situations. But it has not wavered. “I am the same yesterday, today and forever,” are His words. And so it is that I have watched friends who profess the same belief, get slowly but surely sucked into what the world believes is right ignoring what God has said is right. In our church, the men hold the Priesthood and some leadership. Women lead the women’s and children’s organizations and hold the sacred and important role of motherhood. Man is not complete without woman and neither is woman without man. My wife is not beneath me because she does not hold the Priesthood. She is beside me because we are navigating this life together. We lead our family hand-in-hand. God established this pattern from the beginning with Adam and Eve and down through all of the ages. It isn’t new. Yet some female members of my church feel it is time for female ordination. That women should hold the Priesthood. This bothered me some but more in a roll-my-eyes-and-wonder-what-church-doctrine-they-think-they-are-reading. Until the wife of one of my good friends posted that she had been there. Now I feel deep sorrow.

God cannot turn the nurturing, child-bearing responsibilities over to man. It is physically impossible. The majority of men are not capable of the patience, love and compassion that women innately have. God has given us distinct roles in His plan to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of mankind. And yet, here are good women saying they want not only what God gave them but also what God gave men. They call it “equality”. I see it as greed and the craftiness of Satan to corrupt the divine plan of our Heavenly Father. If Jesus wanted this in His church, then He would have called Mary or Martha to the holy Apostleship instead of the coniving Judas. Or surely, after the death of Judas, one of these women who are so prominently spoken of by the Gospel writers and who had such favors shown unto them by Jesus would have been asked to take Judas’ place. But women have a different calling. Not less important or less prestigious, just different. Personally, I see it as more glorious and wonderful. I am often in awe at the tenderness and patience my wife seems to exhibit so effortlessly while I struggle so mightily to muster even a fraction of the same. How else am I to learn it than being made responsible for other people? I cannot bless myself with my Priesthood. It does me no good. I can only use it to bless others. If I need a blessing, I must call on another Priesthood holder. If women have the Priesthood, what need have they of men? Thus, God’s purpose is frustrated. I feel heart-rending sorrow for these women so blinded by the guiles of the evil one that they cannot see the honor and glory already bestowed upon them.

This is the Novel Mage saying, *POOF*


About markminson

Mark Minson lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He enjoys playing games with his wife and five kids. He loves to sing and can often be found whistling as he walks. An avid shoe-wearer, you might run into him strolling down memory lane -- either his or somebody else’s. He brings humor to life through his many accents and movie quotes. He found his magic long ago, in a high school far, far away and now happily shares it with you. May you find your magic and share it with others.
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