Coming to the end

The beginning was so long ago.  Yet, I still remember sitting in the writing club meeting pounding out my almost 1 page of a story for our round-robin.  I never believed in the idea until I got it back.  That was in November of 2009.  For 2 and a half years my writing struggled against my school work.  Then graduation!  Then NaNoWriMo!  And tonight I sat down and wrote the final paragraphs linking the bulk of the story to the ending I had written a year ago.  A grand total of 3 years, 1 month and 22 days from the start to the finish.

I’m in a mixed state of emotion right now.  The journey should feel like it’s over but I know so much more has to be done.  I have a ton of “was”s that need to be removed or at least looked at.  I’m pretty sure I may have some incongruities along the way and I know I have not documented every major character and all the spells and timeline and all of that good stuff I need to cross-reference with at any point.  But that can all wait for tomorrow because tonight, I’m done.

This is the Novel Mage saying, *POOF*


About markminson

Mark Minson lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He enjoys playing games with his wife and five kids. He loves to sing and can often be found whistling as he walks. An avid shoe-wearer, you might run into him strolling down memory lane -- either his or somebody else’s. He brings humor to life through his many accents and movie quotes. He found his magic long ago, in a high school far, far away and now happily shares it with you. May you find your magic and share it with others.
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One Response to Coming to the end

  1. Ah, I just finished a project myself that took three years to write. I know how it feels. There is that sense of elation, the surreal sense of an ending, but also a bit of a loss. Congratulations on your work. I am sure it was worth all the effort.

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