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Slice of bread, life, pizza…..mmmmm….pizza.

The difference between poetry and prose is that most poetry is merely a slice of a story.  It’s a snapshot.  For Christmas I got a digital camera of my very own.  I’ve wanted one for years but “our” camera was … Continue reading

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Inspiration on a tuna sandwich

The following post was feared lost in the dark reaches of dead bits and cyberspace.  Which prompted the spilled milk post.  But WordPress saved it as a draft off in some other pasture and I found it waiting for me … Continue reading

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Crying over spilled milk and stupid web-browsers

Long, deep post lost to the …… of my browser that couldn’t handle wordpress’s Add Tags button and field.  I’m crying over spilled milk and will now decide if I should attempt to recreate it. 

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Welcome to WordPress….I think.

I’m here.  I felt pressured to come.  Am I desparate for readership?  Do I want to believe that someone will care when I finally get some of my projects finished?  Yes, I do.  So I hope to keep you involved, … Continue reading

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If you eat it, it will be gone.

I know, two posts in two days.  Please don’t have a heart-attack.  I’ll lose half my readership. 🙂 Looking for writing ideas but you don’t want to deal with the really dark or dramatic story line?  Need a little humor … Continue reading

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When in Rome, don’t use the toilets

I have homework I’m not motivated to do.  It’s almost bedtime so I can’t really get into serious writing.  So I’m blogging.  Yes, some may argue with the “serious writing” thing and blogging.  I’m too tired to get into it. … Continue reading

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The struggle for dominance

The dark and stormy night began with a terrible fight for attention and domination.  It lasted seconds.  The desire to create and write against the need to do homework.  Homework won of course but the re-match is coming.  It seems … Continue reading

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