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Do you write and drive?

It’s illegal to text and drive but can I write in my head and drive at the same time safely?  Ponderous. Anyway, I came to a crux on Sunday.  It’s one of those moments in story-telling where your decision could … Continue reading

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Write a textbook to support your fiction habit

The organizer of our writing club shared a stat with me once that 80% of what publishers put out there is non-fiction. This was backed up by a comment by one of the authors at LTUE who said she is … Continue reading

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I attended writing club last night for the first time in just about forever. This school thing is killing me. But it was a good meeting. We went over our notes from LTUE for those who couldn’t go and shared … Continue reading

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Back on the typewriter again

Did you hear the “Back in the saddle again” music playing through your head? Yeah, me too. A quiet Sunday morning seems like a good time to write. Until all of your kids crowd around you sitting on the couch … Continue reading

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